These coins are not merely given,
They are earned!

Are you a Catalyst? • Do you ignight new ideas? • Do you empower others? • Nurture the new?

Then you have earned a coin!

Coins in the Wild!

Latest 10 Coins Given

DHSPP Date: 10-14-2023To: PhilFrom: Elwin
DHSPP Date: 10-14-2023To: PhilFrom: Elwin
K47CX Date: 10-03-2023To: LuisFrom: Elwin
ZZ7M8 Date: 08-14-2023To: Nolan McCulloughFrom:
ZZ7M8 Date: 08-11-2023To: DanFrom: Elwin
JCSD6 Date: 11-20-2022To: TedFrom: Elwin
FGT3U Date: 10-13-2022To: CandaceFrom: Elwin
36UKD Date: 10-05-2022To: RobFrom: Elwin
NWC99 Date: 10-05-2022To: BenFrom: Elwin
KBTAG Date: 10-05-2022To: PeteFrom: Elwin
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Every coin has
a webpage!

Every coin has a unique ID which references it's unique webpage. Share with others the story of why you earned the coin! Put links and badges to your coin's page on social sites like facebook and linkedin.

Give Coins

You can give coins two ways:

  • Give a coin which was given to you(the coin's webpage will show its running history)
  • Buy a coin. We will either send it on your behalf or send it to you to give.

Special Coins

Keep checking here, Special coins have been created, that are meant to be given over and over, and will allow you to track their progress.

How it works

Order a coin, we can either send it to you or someone else on your behalf.

  • Coin Activation

    Upon shipment of your coin, we will register the coin to you. You will receive an email confirming registration.

  • The coin arrives

    The coin will arrived packaged to 'give', unless you requested us to send it to the recipient.
    When we send it to the recipient we can include a short note explaining why they earned this coin, and that it was from you.

  • Giving the coin

    At any point, once the coin is activated, the registered email owner can 'give' the coin. This allows you to transfer ownership of the coin, and tell the story why the new owner earned the coin.

  • Privacy

    There are no login's for this site. We only store the email (encrypted/salted) so that we can send the edit link to the coin owner.
    Currently there is no way to edit an entry by a coin owner, If edits are needed please contact us

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